Głosowanie (Voicing)

During the workshop I share my experience in my voice work, I create a space where everyone can express themselves through sound without restraint, in the vein of collective improvisation. Each meeting begins with movement and breathing exercises, voice projection exercises and those that help to relax the body, eliminate any tension or block, develop a stable, conscious posture and finally release the true sound of the voice.

We listen to the sounds of our surroundings and listen to one another. We sit in a circle and everyone has the chance to individually present their own short composition. We divide into groups and perform graphic scores which I have prepared especially for the occasion.

At the end of each meeting, the participants collectively perform a unique improvised piece, part of which is conducted by me.

What matters to me are the creative processes in the area of experiencing the audiosphere, its intuitive and affective perception.

photo Marika Sypniewska

videos Maciej Sypniewski