Poetry book project

For a few years now, I have been working on my debut poetry book, which will be published in 2023 by Dom Literatury (the House of Literature) in Łódź and the Łódź branch of SPP (Polish Writers’ Association).

I am interested in what happens at the interface between bodies: both animate and inanimate ones. In the book, bodies intersect, contain one another, grow into one another. Everything is subject to processes of flaking, liquefying, depleting, delaminating. Layers are another important theme for me. The subjects of my poems happen to wade through endless layers, through more and more tissues of the world, fibres of reality, which are sometimes fused, merged, impenetrable.

The themes that naturally appear in my poems are femininity and animality, maternity, corporeality and organicity, but also the undercurrent, at times painful, intergenerational and interpersonal bond.
I like to change perspectives in the book. In a way, I often write through the body: through what it contains, what it lacks, how it changes, transforms, and diminishes.