In a unique way, they combine tradition with modernity, allowing contemporary poetry to resonate with incredible force, thanks to melodies preserved in archival recordings. Their arrangement of folk music from eastern Wielkopolska is filled with deep respect for the original material, and at the same time it expresses their subjective view of tradition. A bold view, full of references to jazz, blues, early music and free improvisation. Tuleje’s repertoire is based on the folk tunes from the area of Konin – from the villages of Babiak, Kramsk and Osiek Wielki. The lyrics were written by vocalist and poet Gosia Zagajewska. They are strongly inspired both by the sound and by the original lyrics of archaic songs.

Band members:

Gosia Zagajewska – voice, lyrics
Ksawery Wójciński – double bass, voice
Wojtek Kurek – drums

Live recording, Konin, 2022
Live @ DZiK, Warszawa, 2022

Tuleje – Ciche miejsca (2022, Gusstaff Records / Don’t Sit On My Vinyl)