A duo that offers an open and eclectic repertoire, in which tradition meets jazz, early music and sacred music. In an uncompromising manner, they process musical references and associations hidden deeply in their souls, presenting them in minimalist arrangements for voice and double bass. Zagajewska and Wójciński create undiscovered spaces through sound. These spaces resound with childhood melodies that are impossible to remember, songs that are as close as they are unexplored, and the discovery of them brings unexpected solace.

28 – Zagajewska/Wójciński

28 is the result of a meeting between two people – two universes that have found a common space in sound.

It is a vague afterimage of one of Chopin’s great works.

It is a search for a personal, intimate relation with the work of the eminent composer, who seems extremely close, although he is, after all, omnipresent and belongs to the whole world.

The intimate relation turned out to be non-literal, fluid and spacious.

This is a sort of very confidential message from us to you. A short story about a walk along Lisowska and Staffa Streets up to Herbert Park, about following one’s own footsteps, about remembering, and about being surprised, about returning where there is no return.

V/A WC VI RST (Centrum Kultury i Sztuki Konin, 2CD 2020)

LISTEN to the song Souterrain, which appeared on the compilation album WC VI RST.